Some of the New Products on Show

Accelerating perception development via novel data generation

Neurocat, a Berlin-based startup offers the autonomous vehicle industry Augmentation as a Service. This innovative service is designed to meet the pressing needs of perception component developers by providing customized data augmentation that can rapidly adapt to diverse environmental conditions and regulatory requirements.

Data augmentation enables companies to enhance their original data sets to reflect a wide range of conditions within their operational design domain (ODD), which is crucial for training machine learning models efficiently and effectively. This process is challenging due to the need for data to be visually realistic, statistically representative and scalable.

Neurocat simplifies this with its Aidkit software, offering a blend of scalability and customization. The service involves a discovery phase to understand client requirements, a design phase using Aidkit for augmentation creation, and a delivery phase ensuring quality and suitability. This approach not only addresses the challenge of acquiring relevant training data but also ensures that machine learning models perform optimally in their targeted ODD, showcasing Neurocat's value in providing high-quality, customized data augmentation solutions. Find out more at the company's booth.

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