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Multigigabit and MACsec solutions
Technica Engineering

At this year’s show, Technica Engineering will present its multigigabit (2.5, 5, 10GBASE-T1) automotive Ethernet, SerDes, wakeup over Ethernet (TC10), 10BASE-T1S, ILaS and MACsec solutions. These technologies can be developed and analyzed using the company’s in-house testing equipment. In addition, Technica offers engineering consulting on the left side of the V-model, assisting in the design of modern E/E systems, and complementary testing services on the right side of the V-model. One highlight at the expo will be the company’s new enhanced Ethernet switch, which is enabled with MACsec features. A demonstrator will show the basic functionality of establishing a MACsec protected link between two ECUs, as well as the configuration of keys in the user interface.

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