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Lucas Bublitz

Lucas studied industrial engineering at the University of Applied Science in Munich (BEng) and the Technical University Darmstadt (M.Sc). Since 2020 he has been working on his PhD thesis about ensuring safety and security within AD systems by providing an integrated process and compliance framework. In addition to his academic research, since 2018 he has worked as a senior consultant for the product and process compliance of L3 and L4 applications at the technology consulting company P3 in the area of autonomous mobility. His expertise focuses on the implementation of the UN ECE regulations (155/156/157) for L3/L4 application within OEMs.


An incident management approach by the usage of effect chains

Advanced AVs for SAE L3/L4 functions will lead to a new understanding of the operation phase in the product lifecycle. The regulation like the EU Implementing Act and the German L4 act (AFGBV) request also a continuous field surveillance, the handling of critical E/E faults and SW updates during operation. This is required to enhance the ODD during operation, offering Function on demands (FoD) and to reduce downtime by a SW stack E/E malfunction. The handling of incident/accidents, caused by E/E malfunctions, will require a minimal “time-of-action” to analyse the root cause, supported by the visualization of the effect chain.