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Daniel Gamber

Daniel Gamber serves as Kontrol's Chief Commercial Officer. Daniel oversees all go-to-market and partnership-related activities for the European deep tech company based out of Linz, Munich, and Berlin. Previously, building up to his 10+ years of professional experience, Daniel was spearheading multiple electric and smart mobility initiatives at BMW Group, Byton, and Zync. He has led successful go-to-market and B2B sales organizations at early-stage technology companies in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia.


Enabling regulatory compliance of automated driving systems

Kontrol has developed a technology and software platform to support requirements processing and system validation. Based on the example of R157, the analysis and processing of a set of legal requirements and corresponding technical requirements is demonstrated. Kontrol enables end-to-end compliance across the value chain. Kontrol illustrates the concept of a digital loop and exemplary virtual homologation of ALKS by integrating Kontrol’s software in a simulator for virtual validation. This helps to further accelerate the deployment of automated vehicle functions and adjacent business models.