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Ali Peker

Dr. Ali Peker, CEO of ADASTEC, has 25+ years of experience in IoT, mobile, and location-based services. He started as a software designer and became a software architect at Nortel. In 2000, he became vice president and one of the co-founders of Infotech. Infotech was acquired in 2007 by investment funds, and he became the CEO. The software platforms built by Infotech are used by thousands of companies in 6 different countries. He has many years of experience in selling solutions to the automotive industry. He has BSc., MSc., and Ph.D. in computer engineering. His Ph.D. thesis is titled "Digital


Next Stop, autonomous transit buses!

Adastec Corp. deployed the first real-life pilot of a full-size, electric, Level 4 automated transit bus in the United States (Michigan) and Europe (Norway). Both buses are operating on public roads and carry passengers on a daily basis. Adastec Corp. tells the story of the future of electric and autonomous transit buses, the road to receiving NHTSA/TUV Nord approval, collaboration efforts with municipalities, bus OEMs, bus operators, federal, state and local governments, and the journey to becoming the first and currently only autonomous bus software provider in the United States and Europe.