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Holger Banzhaf

Dr. Holger Banzhaf is managing director and co-founder of DeepScenario GmbH. He studied at TU Munich and first came into contact with automated driving during a semester abroad at UC Berkeley in California. After another period abroad at ETH Zurich, he began his doctorate on automated driving at Bosch and KIT, where he successfully defended his thesis in 2019. Before starting DeepScenario, Dr. Holger Banzhaf worked as a research engineer at Bosch Corporate Research. He has already received various awards for his research, such as the Best Paper Award at the IEEE ITSC in Hawaii.


AI scenario engine for training and testing autonomous vehicles at scale

The physical world is complex and highly dynamic, with sudden changes and unforeseen anomalies. Therefore, it is essential to establish a systematic way to prepare autonomous systems for safe operation in the physical world. In this presentation, we give insights into our novel AI Scenario Engine that helps customers deploy autonomous systems significantly faster and with less cost. Core of this platform is a world-class computer vision software that extracts traffic scenarios from monocular cameras in a highly accurate and fully automated way.