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Osama Mazid

Osama Mazid is Senior Systems R&D Engineer at NI. He started at NI in 2021 and has working experience with automotive Tier 1 and OEM for ADAS systems such as cameras and LiDAR. He has worked in defining & developing software and hardware tools and utilities for Hardware-In-Loop development and validation of Front Camera ADAS System . He loves robotics and programming and has good experience using NI LabVIEW , NI FPGA and Image Processing .


Pixel beam simulation and validation for adaptive headlight

As the global shift toward automated driving (AD) continues, the future of adaptive headlights, or adaptive driving beam headlights (ADB), is quickly coming into focus. Engineers and designers are working hard to identify the best combination of components to satisfy driver needs for safety and visibility, However, designing and testing for real-world conditions is time-intensive, expensive, and complex. As advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) permeate more automotive features and increase functionality, Physics-based optical simulation solutions can help speed up the process of bringing ADB technology to market and help avoid costly manufacturing mistakes.