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Alexander F Walser

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander F. Walser is Managing Director of the Automotive Solution Center for Simulation e.V. - a non-profit industry club for innovative minds researching on future-oriented simulation methods and processes. After graduating with a degree in civil engineering - subject area modeling and simulation - from the University of Stuttgart, he led several collaborative research projects in the field of structural optimization and crash analysis of vehicle components. Mr. Walser is co-initiator of the ENVITED research cluster - a long-term and member-driven initiative with the goal of virtually enhanced homologation of autonomous driving systems.


Trusted data ecosystem enabling virtual validation of AD functions

Limitations in physical testing made virtual validation of highly automated driving functions mandatory. The model-based development approach is accompanied by deep supply chains of simulation artifacts. For the composition of application-related digital twins, the availability of qualitatively suitable data from different sources is crucial, which is becoming an increasing challenge. The availability of data is impacted by defining clear requirements in a trusted data ecosystem. For this reason, around 20 well-known industrial companies and research institutions are exploring solutions in the collaboration project GAIA-X4PLC-AAD for topics such as access management, data sovereignty, data quality assessment and use of data spaces.