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Yves Peirsman

Yves Peirsman is Co-Founder and CTO of Deontic. He studied linguistics at the University of Leuven and speech and language technology at the University of Edinburgh. He obtained a PhD in computational linguistics from Leuven and was a post-doctoral researcher in natural language processing at Stanford University. After working as a research engineer at Textkernel and Wolters Kluwer, he founded NLP Town, a consultancy company that has helped clients implement natural language processing solutions in a wide range of sectors.


NLP for autonomous mobility

State-of-the-art general-purpose AI models (such as GPT-3 by OpenAI) do not deal well with highly technical language or regulation. They do not have access to the latest information about products (specific terminology) and are known to produce unreliable answers. To solve this problem, deep-learning models need to be trained specifically on technical content, such as manuals and standards. These models power software solutions generating substantial added-value to OEMs, Vendors and Suppliers in the Autonomous space.