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Ralph Meyfarth

- Studies of computer science at the TU Darmstadt and TU Munich with doctoral degree at the Chair of Robotics & Automation - Managment consulting at Siemens - Founder and CEO of the startup lesswire AG for local-based services in hotspots - Development of Connectivity Services for the Automotive Industry including contribution to the V2X standard, introduction of automotive-qualified WiFi modules and first vehicle routers to the industry - General manager of the European headquarter of the Chinese tier-1 Hangsheng - Co-founder and COO of startup Deep Safety GmbH, developing Safe and Certifiable AI


Safe perception AI by detection of unknown Unknowns

Deep learning AI has triggered the first revolution in autonomous driving. The breakthrough on the mass market is currently prevented by the fact that this technology is inherently uncertain. Modern deep learning models hit a reliability limit of about 95 percent because of the unknowns. Given an unknown input, the output of a deep learning model is undefined. We have developed a very efficient new methodology to detect the unknowns based on uncertainty in real-time. With our approach, we can develop safety proofs and enable certification/homologation of autonomous vehicles without driving billions of kilometers.