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Yoram Bentzur

Founder and CEO of B-Design3D Ltd., with over 30 years of demonstrated experience in the Training & Simulation industry. An Industrial Designer graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Arts and Design and ex-IAF Fighter Pilot. With hundreds of 3D Environments integrated in simulation systems around the world, B-Design3D supplies leading Simulation systems developers such as NVIDIA, Siemens and GM, highly realistic 3D Environments and Terrain Databases with ultra-high real-time rendering performance. Improving Driver in the Loop (DiL) immersivness and AV sensor simulation (HiL, SiL) realism is our main expertise.


Challenges in creating Highly Realistic 3D Environments for AV simulation

In order to accelerate the development of AV and ADAS systems, often the vehicle's Software (SiL) or Hardware (HiL) is tested in a simulated 3D Environment. The information from simulated sensors such as HD cameras, LiDAR and Radar is transferred to the vehicle's computer. The AI Driver observes the vehicle's surroundings whilst driving in a simulated environment. In order to maximize its potential benefits, the 3D Environment need be highly realistic and accurate. Various methods are used to maximize the realism of the Digital Twins of streets and terrain. These methods and challenges will be addressed in this presentation.