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Gordan Galic

Gordan Galic has 25+ years of experience with the FPGA technology. Since joining Xylon in 1997, Gordan worked as an FPGA designer and project leader in a multitude of projects, including the projects that globally introduced the FPGA technology to many infotainment and ADAS developing companies. In his current position of the head of Xylon marketing, Gordan participates in the definition of Xylon’s automotive video data logging solutions and spends most of his time driving evangelical and enabling activities focused on integrating Xylon products in customer test & validation and video ADAS/AD applications. co-presenter Senior Product Manager from Microsoft


Quickly bring up your data harvest to the clouds

Test fleets generate terabytes of raw vehicle data that must be easily offloaded with minimum vehicle stop time. Microsoft and Xylon enable test drivers to bring harvested data to globally accessible computing clouds in the shortest-possible time. Without hardware modifications, Xylon’s logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Logger enables direct plug-in of Microsoft Azure SSDs and full-speed recording of encrypted data. Filled SSDs can be exchanged within seconds and shipped to the nearest Azure region center. The presented solution completely eliminates the time-consuming and costly process of copying data from the logger’s storage to the storage media suitable for cloud services.