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Olaf Thiele

- 2004 PhD at Georg-August-University Göttingen - since 2005 product manager for automotive applications at LaVision GmbH in Göttingen, first for internal combustion optical analysis, since 2020 also for glass quality control


Windshield ADAS camera view field inspection

For camera-based automobile Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) high image quality levels are essential for autonomous driving levels 3 and higher. This makes improvements in optical quality control of windshields necessary for automotive manufacturers and ADAS developers & glass processors around the world. Established measurement of the pure optical distortions (optical power) in milli diopter (mdpt) are not effective for hyper focal distance. LaVision shows a new test system for quantification of the spatial frequency response (SFR) of the windshield in the ADAS camera area. Impacts of multilayer windshield glasses to image quality are analyzed.