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Author of more than 40 scientific papers Author of 2 books for researchers and engineers on Artificial Intelligence: . From AI to Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, ISBN : 9781786307279, Wiley publishing, USA http://www.iste.co.uk/book.php?id=1800 .Techniques Avancées pour le Traitement de l'Information: Réseaux de Neurones, logique floue, et algorithmes génétiques, Gérard Yahiaoui & Jean-Louis Amat, Cepadues publishing, 2000 VP of the French Research cluster for mobility NEXTMOVE Speaker at the French pedagogic chair with INSA Rouen on Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Vehicle Former researcher and developer of AI innovations to military applications for French industry


New paradigm for autonomous vehicles : Artificial Intelligence-based prudence assessment.

We present a new paradigm for Autonomous Vehicles (AV). Main approach today consists in cutting situations into hundreds of use-cases and developing a control law for every use-case. We propose a disruption: assessing prudence level of vehicle behavior in its environment, done by an Artificial Intelligence. We explain how this AI works. We show that once prudence level is assessed in real time during driving, one can use it: vehicle behavior must be automated in order to keep prudence at a high level. We show several applications to AV, including STELLANTIS longitudinal automation results with this new AI technology.