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Gaurav Singh

I am a AI Product Manager at Ridecell working on AI based data analytics platform called Nemo. My work takes me to wonderful conferences such as this one to talk about Ridecell's current and future product offerings. I have a strong background in leading technical teams in ADAS and AD areas including building forward facing ADAS camera software and self driving shuttles. Recently I also was leading the perception team at Ridecell. Talk to me about systems, perceptions, robotics etc. and I promise to have lively and informative discussions!


A data platform for ADAS and AV development

Nemo by Ridecell is a data platform used to extract interesting scenarios from vehicle data that helps ADAS and AV developers accelerate testing and validation and scenario coverage / ODD quantification. We use our proprietary scenario description language, called Ridecell Scenario Language (RSL), to describe scenarios of interest. RSL is also used to search for interesting scenarios in graph based representations of driving events. We are currently working with large OEM and tier-1s processing millions of kms of real world production data per day on the platform. I will discuss learnings from our deployments and advantages of our approach.