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Florian Hauer

Dr. Florian Hauer is an embedded AI and autonomous driving expert at the automotive microcontroller department of Infineon Technologies. His focus lies on AI applications, e.g. for electrification, and autonomous driving applications, but also on the software eco system for an efficient deployment. He acquired his PhD. at the Technical University of Munich in the domain of autonomous driving.


Enhancing Planning and Control with Embedded AI

Autonomous vehicles leverage artificial intelligence commonly in their perception functionality, i.e. for camera-based computer vision, radar or lidar postprocessing. There, AI benefits the quality of the perception in that the detection and classification of environmental aspects is more precise than with classical algorithms from pre-deep learning times. Similar benefits may also be yielded with AI for planning and control. However, this is not very common up to now. We present a variety of concepts and results of our work on how AI can be used for planning and control to increase passenger comfort and energy-efficiency while considering safety.