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Florens Greßner

Florens Greßner is co-founder and CEO of neurocat, a Berlin-based DeepTech startup offering safety validation solutions for ADAS/AV perception components. A mathematician focused on statistics and optimization, he founded neurocat to transfer the abstract mathematics of academia to applied purposes in Machine Learning testing and quality assurance. His expertise has contributed to numerous industry solutions in risk assessment, robustness, and interpretability of AI systems across use cases. Currently, Florens and neurocat are scaling their solutions by offering a SaaS toolkit that ensures coverage of the ODDs, scenes, and data required to deploy safe mobility perception components.


Automating safety testing for ADAS & AV perception components

ADAS and AV functionalities built around perception components must be tested rigorously and early in development to achieve safety and reliability across adverse conditions and scenarios. However, challenges remain in assuring safe performance. This talk will discuss solutions to these challenges derived from our joint work with an OEM on safety evaluation of a traffic sign classifier for an ADAS highway pilot feature. We will show how the testing tool aidkit facilitated ODD-based performance analyses for perception models based on diverse data augmentation techniques. Additionally, providing insights regarding the integration of aidkit into safety validation processes, as well as method validity experiments for various automotive use cases.