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Wolfgang Stolzmann

Wolfgang Stolzmann studied mathematics and received a doctorate in machine learning at the University of Osnabrück in 1997. He was postdoc at the University of Würzburg and workes in the field of driver observation for more than 20 years. Since 2020 he leads the competence center for Interior Sensing at Luxoft.. Wolfgang has a long-time experience in driver state monitoring and driver monitoring systems. For instance, he developed the algorithms for the Mercedes Attention Assist and was responsible for the development of driver monitoring systemes. At Luxoft he is responsible for the validation of interior sensors.


Virtual validation for interior sensing

OEMs require hundreds of drivers and hundreds of hours of data to validate Driver and Occupant Monitoring Systems (DMS/OMS). In real-world data collection campaigns this is very expensive and time consuming. Luxoft has developed a DMS/OMS Virtual Validation Toolchain to reduce both, effort and costs significantly. A critical point is to convince OEMs that the used virtual videos are photo realistic. This presentation will first show, how to answer this question and shows the advantages of virtual validation for interior sensing. Finally, a demonstration of the DMS/OMS Virtual Validation Toolchain will be given.