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Lukas Proprentner

Lukas studied mechatronics at Johannes Kepler University in Linz with focus on robotics and specializing in mobile robots. In 2018 he joined Humanetics Austria GmbH in the Active Safety development department. Since 2021 he is the team leader for Active Safety software development and focuses on creating a suite of applications for ADAS/AV testing to complement Humanetics’ Active Safety robot portfolio.


Increasing efficiency and safety for ADAS/AV testing and simulation validation

In recent years, the amount and complexity of ADAS/AV tests increased, this drives higher demand for proving ground area usage. Furthermore, the validation of simulation results creates the need to map these scenarios into the real world seamlessly. To manage these challenges integrated software solutions need to be developed, that increase the efficiency of time and area usage, not only on the test track but also in the office. In addition, these solutions must add further safety features to enable safe testing.