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Matyas Suveg

Matyas Suveg, RnD Manager at NOFFZ, started working on cellular test solutions for the first LTE smartphones in Asia in 2010. Later, he helped transform this technology to the automotive industry by introducing high speed, multi-device production testing for eCall modules in Europe. Currently, his focus is on innovative product development to support validation and testing of new wireless communication technologies for a wide range of IoT technologies, 5G, V2X, UWB, WiFi 6E and beyond.


Lifecycle monitoring of wireless connectivity devices in smart cities

It is not acceptable that a safety critical vehicle-to-everything communication device sends the first message right before the accident is about to happen. We need to test these devices thoroughly all along the lifecycle of the vehicle. As we want to rely on vehicles and smart city components not only for transportation, but also as a connected network device, the testing must cover several wireless standards: 4G, 5G, WLAN, Bluetooth, V2X, UWB. This is a wide spectrum to cover, so one must apply innovative test tools to keep costs low and test coverage high.