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Gaurav Tomar

Gaurav Tomar is Automotive Industry Marketing Manager at MathWorks, focusing on the Central European market. With help of many years of automotive experience, he helps decision makers maximize engineering efficiency in areas such as ADAS/AD, electrification, and vehicle software development workflows. He represents how MathWorks technology can be used today to improve automotive processes and methods, and identifies future growth areas for the company. Prior to joining MathWorks, Gaurav has developed perception, sensor fusion, and localization algorithms.


A conceptual framework for ADAS/AD safety

The automotive industry has reached a clear consensus that virtual simulations are crucial to validate the safety of the intended function (SOTIF). This talk presents a conceptual framework that guides these virtual simulations based on ISO 21448. The audience will learn how the industry is addressing the safety of ADAS/AD. Key takeaways will be: • Argumentation framework to ensure SOTIF • Identification of critical scenarios through analysis • Development of validation and verification strategy based on virtual testing • Identification of critical scenarios from real driving data • Standardized interfaces between tools in simulation toolchain