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Chris Phillips

Chris Joined iMerit in February 2022 as a Principal Solutions Architect supporting the company’s autonomous mobility group. Chris brings more than 15 years of technical expertise in mapping and location services, specifically for autonomous and connected vehicles. His prior roles focused on developing HD maps and sensor-based safety services for autonomous vehicles, connected cars and automated last mile delivery. Chris is an avid skier and sports enthusiast living in the San Francisco Bay Area.


How annotation and labeling is advancing AV sensor fusion

As autonomous vehicle companies build out more advanced perception capabilities, there is growing demand for effective fusion and synchronization of large amounts of rich vehicle-centric sensor data. Join iMerit autonomous vehicle expert, Chris Phillips, to learn how human-in-the-loop annotation of on-road scenarios is advancing AI/ML algorithm development for autonomous vehicles. Attendees will gain insight on how fusing accurately labeled 2D and 3D datasets provide valuable context for machine learning models around lane markings, drivable areas and roadside objects. Additionally, attendees will learn why pre-labeled autonomous vehicle scenarios containing fully annotated edge cases are vital to accelerating AI/ML learning.