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Johann Henkel

Since 1995 at ST Microlectronics: 2021 - Present : Technical Marketing Manager for terrestrial tuner and GNSS products EMEA Region - ADG Marketing and Application 2014 - 2020: Technical Marketing Principal Engineer - Terrestrial Tuner Senior Member of Technical Stuff 2010 - 2014: Application Development Stuff Engineer Car Infotainment ABU Europe Project and team leader for tuner SW development 1995 - 2010: Design engineer / specialist - Dedicated ICs for Digital Car Radio 1995 - 1995: Design engineer at GME for microcontroller 1987 – 1993: Study of electrical engineering and and information technologies at TU Munich


Safe and secure precise positioning in automated driving environment

The widened application of high level ADAS system towards full automated driving in modern cars together with the rising connectivity demand, such as OTA, lead to increased functional safety (ASIL) and cyber security requirements for all involved components. Providing a precise position with high availability, protection levels, robustness and integrity is a key element for such ADAS systems. This means for a GNSS receiver, as STM's TeseoAPP family, besides robustness against jamming, spoofing, meaconing attacks, to cover additionally safety and security standards as ISO26262 and ISO/SAE 21434, complemented by secure boot capabilities to prevent manipulation of firmware.