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Jérémy Vergnaud

2012 : Graduate of IUT Orléans: Mechanical engineering and computer-integrated manufacturing degree specialization automotive 2016: Graduate of ESTACA: Automotive engineer degree specialization embedded systems 2016: ADAS test engineer in UTAC 2018: ADAS AD simulation engineer in UTAC 2019: ADAS AD simulation activity manager in UTAC 2020: Simulation expert & Simulation ADAS AD Activity Leader in UTAC


Introduction of virtual testing from ADAS and AD development to their homologation, and impacts of EU regulations and safety rating

This presentation will discuss the limits of physical tests (large test matrix, destructive tests, limits of test resources, etc.) It will look at VIL, DIL, SIL applications, VT & homologation (GSR2 / R152 etc.) It will offer perspectives on adverse weather testing, AI evaluation and the introduction of V2X.. Lastly it will look at the Dassault Systems/AVS collaboration.