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Yoan Nouet

As an automobile enthusiast, I have dedicated my career path to active safety systems development for the last ten years. After designing test benches and official test protocols, I had the great opportunity to develop ADAS/AD systems of French vehicles from scratch to homologation and Euro NCAP rating. Fortified by this great experience, I opened the Vehicle Testing department of Transpolis to reach my personal goal : to design the best testing solutions for safety improvement on all driving situations.


VIL: how to set-up a method to correlate with tests

Major updates of rating and regulation systems for vehicle approval on roads is ongoing. These are including updates on existing ADAS systems but are also adding new systems to be implemented on road vehicles. Those new procedures increase drastically the number of regulation and normative tests to be performed as well as the tuning tests by the manufacturers. To deal with this major fact, and still reduce development timings, current testing and simulation solutions could evolve. This discussion will show some aspects of the tests on track and VIL usage that will help dealing with time reduction. This presentation will address how best to set up a VIL method to fit these requirements