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Stéphane Régnier

Stéphane Régnier currently holds the position of expert leader – immersive simulation and virtual reality at Groupe Renault. He received an engineer’s degree in computing science from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées, Lyon, in 1990. He started computer graphics, driving simulation and even virtual reality in the early 90's, being among the pioneers to develop and deploy these innovative fields for the automotive industry. Since, he’s been exploring technologies, developing software, managing R&D teams and innovation projects, delivering immersive simulation systems and solutions, and progressively building his expert profile, in various departments at Renault, Research, Styling and Engineering.


Expanding simulation approach for AD/ADAS validation, and more

As already widely presented, AD/ADAS systems validation is a complex task, and the current trend is to perform and combine various validation activities: field testing, bench testing, simulation, at different levels of system integration: model based, software based, hardware based, vehicle in the loop, driving simulation … The presentation will be centered on simulation activities for validation, addressing some trends at Renault: shift-left approach regarding the development cycle, where simulation can offer earlier and pre-validation results thanks to MBSE implementation. Building appropriate and automated simulation platforms addressing the different use-cases and validation needs. A perspective of some hot topics will also be presented: Impact of new vehicle architectures (namely Software Defined Vehicle), Contribution of simulation to AD/ADAS approval & Inter-systems validation