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Emmanuel Arnoux

Emmanuel Arnoux, PhD and engineer from Ecole Centrale de Lyon began his career at University of Lyon for Renault on mechatronic suspension systems. He then joined Renault Chassis and ADAS research team in 2003, and led this team from 2007 to 2013. Then he joined the AD and ADAS design department where he was assigned Chassis and ADS Simulation Expert in 2015. Since 2019, he has integrated Renault Vehicle Testing Division as Chassis and ADS Validation Expert and is also co-pilot of the ADS Safety & Validation working group of the PFA ( Platform of French Automotive industry).


The ADScene initiative

French publicly funded research projects are ongoing on the topics of safety, safety demonstration, numerical modelling and simulation tools, and scenario-based automated system design & validation, and homologation. These projects allow the French automated mobility eco-system to build the French legal framework for automated vehicle homologation and for authorization before commercial services of automated road transport systems. Among these tools, the scenarios library play a key role. Based on research assets, developed for 6 years now, some OEMs, decided to industrialize a scenarios library. This initiative, supported by PFA will be presented in depth, its name is ADScene project.