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Philippe Sayegh

As Chief Adoption Officer at VERSES, Philippe has the responsibility for formulating the company’s overall adoption strategy as well as ensuring that the execution of the adoption strategy remains consistent with the brand identity of Verses and each of its subsidiaries. The adoption process covers awareness, acquisition and advocacy by the VERSES ecosystem. Philippe Sayegh has been part of VERSES's executive team for the last 4 years. He is a tech entrepreneur, an investor and has two decades of operational executive experience for B2B-focussed tech companies in areas as diverse as CRM, DRM, Identity and Access management, e-commerce and AI.


The future of law in an autonomous era

How can we enforce policies that can be interpreted and shared by machines? Existing regulations have been drafted by humans for humans. Translating laws into machine-interpretable code will allow us to govern the behavior of autonomous systems in a policy-compliant manner, while adapting them as laws change. Under Flying Forward, a Horizon Europe project, VERSES and its partners developed a geospatial infrastructure using IEEE’s Spatial Web standards to automatically enforce rules and policies in Urban Air Mobility. Our solution allows current laws to be parsed into machine-readable models and interpreted programmatically, reducing human interpretation and automating their enforcement and auditability.