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Thomas Freudenmann

Thomas Freudenmann (Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wi.) has been co-CEO and co-founder of EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence, a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), since 2015. He has been working in the field of automobile technology since 2008, particularly in the field of novel methods and tools for developing and testing with a focus on innovative technologies such as electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and AI. He is also a member of the research staff at the IPEK - Institute of Product Engineering Karlsruhe at KIT.


Incident detector application for weak sensor signals

In the future, simulations will be of considerable importance for quantitative testing and validation of future automated driving functions. However, in order for these to be able to fully and reliably replace real driving situation, it is necessary to be able to map this real traffic virtually - especially with regard to critical situations. The developed incident detector application for weak sensor signals, automatically evaluates and labels critical situations in which sensors and their associated object detection algorithms could have difficulties. So the incident detector application has on the one hand a trained AI to detected and evaluate this situations automatically. On the other hand you have an edge case scenario database where you can easily browse and find relevant cases for your development and validation job. e.g. overexposure after exiting a tunnel. In a next step the image information for e.g. the overexposure after a tunnel can be used in the simulation with many variants in multiple real-time for the development and validation of new automated driving functions.