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Plato Pathrose

Plato is an author and mobility expert. He started his career as a design and development engineer and has worked on safety-critical automotive and avionics products. He has led multiple systems engineering teams for various industrial projects covering different lifecycle phases. Working at different industry levels in automotive, from vehicle manufacturers to different tiers of suppliers, he gained exposure to advanced technologies, processes and business models in the industry. He worked on multiple projects where ADAS and automated driving systems were developed and deployed. He is also a techno-strategic consultant for various organizations including government agencies.


Journey toward software-defined connected and autonomous vehicles (SDCAV)

The presentation will discuss the roadmap toward software-defined vehicles. What does a software-defined connected and autonomous vehicle look like and what are the requirements to design and deploy those vehicles? It will also cover the requirements and design considerations that are taken into account for vehicle architecture and various vehicle components. The change in approaches to the development, testing and production of the vehicles will be discussed. The drastic migration toward utilizing new technologies for the service and maintenance phase planned for such vehicles will be discussed.