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Vivetha Natterjee

Vivetha currently works as an AD specialist at CEVT, a Geely Holding Company that offers mobility services. She has over a decade of experience working with autonomous vehicles and safety from Volvo Trucks and Volvo Cars. Autonomous harbor trucks and robotaxis for cars are some of the key projects she has been part of. With her background in robotics, she strongly believes that safe autonomous vehicles – be they L3 or L4 – can share the traffic along with human drivers. She aims to realize trust in autonomous vehicles with the help of AI.


Deploying a safe and trustworthy AV in different markets

Now that we have removed the human from the vehicle has the AV become safer in traffic? No. We have removed the human and not the human element. But wait, is removing the human the solution? No. In fact the opposite is true, more the merrier. In Vivetha's multi-pillared approach to continuously improve and deploy safe and trustworthy autonomous vehicles, 'inclusion is key'. Data, verification and personas need to be weighed equally. Humans in our different roles (as engineers, as drivers, as traffic inspectors etc.) are to be modelled using AI in order to understand and prove safety of AV.