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Dániel Tósoki

Dániel has 6+ years of experience in the technology sector. He has worked for aiMotive since 2018, having been involved in different areas of the company. Currently, he is the product director of aiSim, aiMotive's simulation platform.


Enhancing autonomous vehicle development through simulation with aiSim

Explore the critical role of perception simulation in developing safe and reliable autonomous vehicles. This keynote offers an in-depth look at aiMotive's aiSim and its capabilities in simulating real-world sensor data to train and validate perception systems. Learn how aiSim empowers engineers to create highly realistic and challenging scenarios for perception algorithms, ensuring they are prepared for complex road environments. Discover the impact of perception simulation on accelerating the development of AI-driven perception in self-driving technology.

The audience will learn:

  • An in-depth understanding of perception simulation in autonomous vehicle development
  • Practical applications and real-world case studies using aiSim
  • How to create and validate perception algorithms in complex, simulated scenarios
  • The benefits of accelerated AI-driven perception development through simulation
  • The future of perception simulation and its role in advancing self-driving technology