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René Spaan

René Spaan moved into the EU Smart Mobility project leader position at the City of Helmond in April 2021 after spending the previous four years in the economic department of the Dutch Embassy located in Mexico City. He experienced firsthand what kind of impact mobility has on megacities like Mexico City. Born and raised in Helmond, Spaan will share several insights on three ISA projects that he led from the City of Helmond and the importance of keeping track of the digital infrastructure.


Optimizing ISA experience: city data validation strategies to improve the quality of digital maps with speed limits

In its dedication to road safety, the City of Helmond actively participates in international projects concerning intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) to address speeding concerns, both real and perceived. ISA, recognized for preventing 20% of fatal accidents, notifies drivers of speed limits for compliance. René Spaan examines ISA readiness in medium-sized cities, emphasizing data validation for a seamless user experience. During the readiness assessment for ISA-equipped cars, Helmond observed inaccuracies in speed advice due to unvalidated digital maps lacking verified speed limits. As part of the project, a validation and feedback loop was established between the road authority and the Dutch national access point to optimize the national digital maps of speed limits, usable by third parties.

The audience will learn:

  • How a city validated digital speed information
  • How a city validated digital traffic sign information
  • How can a city reclaim digital infrastructure control, ensuring quality data provision to service providers?
  • What is the user experience of driving with a retrofitted ISA system?
  • How a city can provide input to car manufacturers on ADAS-related topics