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Christian Bering

Christian had a background in technology consulting at Devoteam and Accenture before joining Holo in 2018. Before becoming the CEO in 2020 he was Holo's director of technology, data and operations. Christian has a master's degree from the IT University of Copenhagen. As CEO Christian is focused on positioning Holo as the leading company for implementing autonomous systems on public roads and in the sky.


Deploying autonomous vehicles – Holo's experience

Holo is an integrator and operator of autonomous vehicles. It handles applications, training of staff, implementation and supervision of autonomous projects. Holo is currently the driving force behind the leading autonomous project in Europe: the deployment of vehicles using Mobileye’s autonomous software in the Grorud area in Oslo, Norway. The company has deployed more autonomous projects in Scandinavia than any other company. Our experience ensures safe operations that constantly push autonomous technology to its limit and systematically collect data to make improvements in customer experience, stability and autonomous performance.