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Nishant Khadria

Nishant has experience in the automotive industry with a focus on EE architecture, software quality, supplier management, security assessment and vehicle security operations center (VSOC) serving automotive OEMs and suppliers across the globe. He has a deep understanding of CSMS, TARA, and the software development lifecycle including use cases, requirements, architecture, design and tests.


Ensuring vehicle software quality in an autonomous and V2X ecosystem

Modern vehicles are no less than 'smartphones on wheels'. The huge growth in in-vehicle functionalities demands increased and continuous connectivity while regulatory requirements mandate extensive testing and cybersecurity. The situation is intensified by ecosystem partners ranging from 'steel to software' and 'simulation to street'. As the cost ratio of software to whole vehicle rises, efficient 'software quality' becomes crucial to manage costs, win market share and achieve early compliance. The presentation proposes a process- and product-based software quality framework in an autonomous and V2X environment through qualitative measurement of customizable KPIs through assessments and tests.