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Maximilian Köper

Dr Maximilian Köper is senior engineering manager at Torc Robotics, an independent subsidiary of Daimler Truck that is developing Level 4 autonomous semi-truck solutions for long-haul applications. He and his team are working on topics related to traffic understanding as well as scenario-based validation of autonomous systems. Before joining Torc, Maximilian worked for Daimler Truck.


Accelerating the safe deployment of autonomous trucks

Deploying safe autonomous trucks requires a deep understanding of real-world driving. A key part of this process is the collection and analysis of traffic data to derive requirements, test cases and statistical distributions for safety validation. In this joint presentation, we give insights into DeepScenario’s collaboration with Torc Robotics to accelerate the safe deployment of autonomous trucks. At the core of the solution are stationary cameras combined with DeepScenario’s AI software, providing Torc with unparalleled data collection capabilities at critical locations. This allows Torc to significantly increase the efficiency of scenario mining and advance the safety of its autonomous trucks.