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Gregor Sievers

Dr Sievers is a product manager and group lead in the engineering services department at dSpace in Paderborn, Germany. His work focuses on the validation of systems for autonomous driving, especially vision-based systems. In 2016, he received his PhD in electrical engineering from Bielefeld University, Germany, for his work on design space exploration of tightly coupled multiprocessors.


Lab-based homologation of SAE Level 3 vehicles using multisensor simulation

Efficient homologation of SAE Level 3 vehicles requires testing and validation of software and hardware systems in the lab. This results in new challenges and requirements compared to traditional testing such as the simulation of validated sensor raw data with the highest timing accuracy. This presentation offers a comprehensive end-to-end test architecture for the verification of Level 3 functions in a controlled lab environment. This includes the simulation of dozens of sensors simultaneously in real time and highly synchronized. The presentation covers sensor simulation for camera, radar, lidar and ultrasonic sensors, as well as all automotive bus interfaces and V2X and GNSS/GPS.

The audience will learn:

  • How lab-based testing can be used for the homologation of SAE Level 3 vehicles
  • Different types of sensor simulation for data injection on raw-data level
  • How sensor models need to be validated
  • Requirements for the overall test system architecture regarding real-time performance, synchronization and flexibility
  • Functional safety requirements of SAE Level 3 vehicles and how ISO 26262-certified test software can help here