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Sytze Kalisvaart

Sytze Kalisvaart is a senior project manager in integrated vehicle Ssafety and initiator and product manager of the TNO StreetWise scenario detection pipeline. He holds an MSc from TU Delft, and has worked in the automotive, medical, sports and recycling industries. He has a track record in usability and safety of complex systems, with a special focus on software specification and validation. Kalisvaart has extensive experience in leading large multipartner projects, such as ENABLE-S3 and is the coordinator of V4Safety on prospective safety assessment.


Measuring the quality of a scenario database

Many companies have created scenario databases. One question remains open: what is a good scenario database? Based on work with Torc Robotics, Project SunRISE and Hi-Drive, TNO will present approaches and metrics including metrics for identifying missing scenario categories, assessing scenario coverage related to specific environments or operational design domains (ODDs), determining the most common sequences or combinations of scenario categories and comparing data sets across years. Examples will illustrate enriching the database with accidentology and edge cases. These metrics are essential for providing enough confidence in utilizing scenario databases to specify an ODD or test automated driving.

The audience will learn:

  • What methods can be used to analyze the quality of a scenario database?
  • What quality metrics exist for scenario databases?
  • How to deal with edge cases in scenario databases?