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Clara Marina Martinez

Dr Marina Martínez has previous experience in leading the ADAS simulation and currently leads our largest ADAS project at Porsche Engineering. She holds a PhD in Intelligent Hybrid Electric Vehicles and an MSc in Automotive Engineering from Cranfield University, where she is a guest lecturer. After three years at AVL Powertrain UK, in 2017 she joined Porsche Engineering Services GmbH to initiate the topic of ADAS Simulation. At present she is part of the ADAS function development department and holds a junior project lead and PO position.


Rapid SW and HW prototyping for automated driving: sensor and function benchmarking with JUPITER platform

The race to release next-generation ADAS is slow and expensive. Complex ADAS functions are developed using theoretical sensor specifications and can only be tested in late project stages. In Porsche Engineering we have accelerated the time to vehicle testing of our ADAS algorithms by means of our JUPITER vehicles. JUPITER is a fully scalable rapid prototyping platform for ADAS that allows for early close-to-series testing. It integrates state-of-the-art ADAS algorithms, is equipped with high-performance ASIL-D Middleware and scalable data exchange, and is interoperable and real-time capable. We will present the sensor benchmark use case as a teaser of the plethora of possibilities that JUPITER offers.