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Ali Nouri

Ali is a senior system safety engineer at Volvo Cars, working on safety concepts and safety argumentation of self-driving functions and systems. He represents Sweden in the ISO/PAS 8800 (safety and artificial intelligence) international and ISO/TS 5083 (safety for automated driving systems) working groups. He is conducting research on “ensuring the safety of the rapid and continuous deployment of autonomous vehicles” in collaboration with Chalmers and Zenseact.


Leashing AI: On Challenges and Solutions in Autonomous Vehicle Safety Assurance

Safe behavior of autonomous vehicles needs to be assured before being deployed on public roads and maintained safely during the operation phase. This presentation will delve into the following key aspects: 1. Autonomous Vehicle Safety Assurance and SafetyOps approach 2. Challenges toward Rapid SafetyOps, exemplified by System Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) 3. Generative AI and Large Language Models as a Potential Solution