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Andre Burgess

Burgess has led the creation of NPL’s Assured Autonomy Programme, which brings together disciplines across data science, time and frequency, electromagnetic technologies and quantum. His work has focused on delivering confidence in the adoption of this disruptive emerging technology. This includes building collaborations across the UK’s mobility sector (land, sea and air) – and internationally – to establish an integrated digital measurement infrastructure and technical framework to underpin the testing ecosystems – real and virtual – for autonomous systems at all technology readiness levels. Burgess has over 20 years of experience in the TMT and ICT sectors.


Quantifying AV sensor performance during adverse weather conditions

NPL and the Met Office have been undertaking a project funded by the UK Department for Transport to develop the methodological framework required to reliably evaluate how well automotive sensors used within self-driving vehicles perform in different weather-related conditions. When developed, this framework will be used to allow for the testing of AV sensors as part of the assurance process as well as aiding in the safety assurance process to determine the limits in which these vehicles may operate (operational design domains). This presentation considers what is required to demonstrate the performance of CAV sensors to support system developers, regulatory approval and authorization processes.

The audience will learn:

  • Weather affects sensor performance in complex ways: how might we simplify this complexity?
  • How can we establish an assurance infrastructure in which AV sensors can be reliably and cost-effectively tested?
  • How can we determine what the operational design domains are in which a given suite of AV sensors can perform?