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Jens Buttgereit

Buttgereit completed his bachelor of engineering in communication and software engineering at Albstadt University of Applied Sciences in 2010, followed by an MSc in automotive systems at Technical University Berlin in 2012. Since then, he has been working at Vector Informatik, where he initially focused on tool development and project management for V2X test tools. From 2020, he has focused more on the support of features for testing ADAS functions within Vector test tools and currently holds the role of product owner.


Opportunities and challenges of integrating V2X in ADAS

The integration of V2X communication into modern ADAS offers significant advantages and eliminates the limitations of traditional sensors. This enables improved perception of the environment and significantly increases safety. However, the challenges in integrating V2X communication into modern ADAS are manifold: the interoperability requires industry-wide accepted standards, sensor fusion algorithms additionally need to integrate and interpret another sensor, and an effective test and validation system is crucial to ensure the reliability and performance of these systems at all stages of development. This presentation provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges of V2X integration in ADAS.

The audience will learn:

  • How V2X communication improves current and future ADAS
  • V2X as a new sensor: challenges in fusing with additional sensor systems
  • Challenges in testing and validation: from SIL to VIL
  • Explanations of these challenges based on various use cases