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Tobias Traub

Tobias Traub is functional safety expert in the power net domain at Bosch. He studied physics at the University of Kaiserslautern and earned his PhD in 2015. He works as team lead for functional safety in the power net and communication network domain and participated in the VDA working group 450 on safe power supply systems for highly automated vehicles.


Recommendation for a common understanding of ISO 26262 regarding autonomous vehicles

Technical regulations and recommendations do not yet fully account for the safety-related availability of power supply systems. Specifically, the application of ISO 26262 on the power supply of autonomous vehicles is troublesome. Concurrently, engineers have gathered to write a recommendation (VDA 450) that facilitates the application of safe electrical power supply to other systems with safety-related availability like autonomous vehicles. This presentation highlights the framework of the VDA 450 recommendation and its principles that comply with ISO 26262 and help to ensure safe power supply for autonomous vehicles.

The audience will learn:

  • Powernet topologies that enable autonomous driving
  • Functional safety requirements breakdown from vehicle level to component level
  • ISO 26262-compliant power supply system
  • Safety measures that ensure freedom from interference
  • Exemplary power supply system topologies