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Armin Engstle

After starting his career at BMW in 2007, Engstle joined AVL Software & Functions in 2011, with responsibility for vehicle and hybrid controls software. From 2015 to 2018, he led the ADAS/AD controls and software department at AVL before joining Zenuity from 2018 to 2020. Since June 2020, Armin has been back at AVL, taking over product management for DGT perception software and managing the newly founded AVL Sensor Lab at Roding, Bavaria.


The AVL prototype 'AutBus': autonomous public transportation in adverse weather

The core of the presentation becomes apparent in the evaluation of lidar perception in adverse weather conditions respectively in different rain intensities and fog visibility ranges. The optimization of AD sensor systems in adverse weather is a prerequisite for the all-day use of autonomous vehicles in public transportation. The analysis demonstrates that the influence of fog on lidar perception is significantly higher than the influence of rain. Additionally, it seems, that small rain rates with finer raindrops might be affecting lidar beams more than higher rain rates with thicker drops.

The audience will learn:

  • Why adverse weather is considered to be one part of the 'long tail' of autonomous vehicle perception
  • How sensor perception (lidar, camera, ultrasonic, night vision) can be tested in weather in a structured way
  • How lidar perception is affected by fog and rain