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Hannes Schneider


Mastering the complexity of automated driving in projects beyond L2 with scenario-based testing paving the way to virtual homologation

The advancement of automated driving systems (ADS) beyond Level 2 autonomy presents intricate challenges that requires rigorous validation methodologies. Our presentation proposes a scenario-based testing framework that addresses the critical requirements for traceability, interoperability, and credibility in ADS development. It outlines the artefacts of a comprehensive validation toolchain, designed to ensure a robust and systematic approach to safety validation. We will consider methods and tools for identification of realistic scenarios and its statistics as an important part of the framework to ensure SOTIF conform safety and risk validation/mitigation in the given Operational Design Domain (ODD). Furthermore, we will discuss a systematic testing and validation toolchain to manage and deploy validation cases in real and virtual environments during different development and testing stages. A structured approach is crucial to master the complex testing and safety validation requirements and to proof that the residual is acceptable to operate ADS on public roads safely.