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Dustin Black

Dustin Black is a senior principal engineer at Red Hat working on performance optimization of Linux for automotive use cases. His decades of experience in system optimization span numerous platforms and environments. He currently acts as a lead performance engineer for the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System (RHIVOS) and has played a key role in ensuring the OS is capable of meeting safety-critical boot time requirements.


Chasing milliseconds: how we optimized in-vehicle OS boot time

The presentation will take you on a technical journey through some of the challenges of adapting a general-purpose Linux OS to an embedded automotive use case with strict regulatory and safety requirements. Extra seconds of boot time are hardly noticeable or impactful for servers with hundreds of days of uptime, but for a platform rebooted many times in a day and that must provide user interaction in seconds from power on for safety reasons, suddenly every CPU cycle is under the microscope.

The audience will learn:

  • Firmware loading, kernel optimization, initrd minimization, I/O device acceleration
  • Deploying critical applications to the earliest possible CPU cycle
  • Differences between optimizing x86_64 and aarch64 environments
  • Collecting and analyzing performance data at scale
  • Tools and methods used by expert engineers