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Dalia Broggi

Dalia is a project manager for vehicle safety at the European Commission Joint Research Centre. She organizes and deploys market surveillance activities for road vehicle safety. Dalia carries out pre-normative research and contributes to regulatory development for vehicle safety, ADAS functions/systems and autonomous vehicles. She has more than eight years of experience in the automotive sector.


Are ADAS functions ready for the real world?

Ensuring automotive safety requires a shift from standard type-approval tests to comprehensive evaluations. This study compares traditional tests with real-world assessments by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), revealing ADAS/AD function limitations. It promotes defining Operating Design Domains (ODDs) within which the functions and systems are supposed to reach the minimum requirements. The type approval checks should consist of semi-random testing within this ODD. A proposed "robustness index" enhances reliability across diverse conditions. Market surveillance gains importance for independent testing, needing tailored protocols. This integrated approach aligns regulatory compliance with real-world safety, ensuring vehicles meet stringent standards beyond laboratory tests.

The audience will learn:

  • European Commission's role in Europe market surveillance activities
  • European Commission Joint Research Centre's method of testing ADAS/AD in real-world environments
  • Limitations of the traditional type-approval methodology when it comes to software-based functions