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Sebastian Siegl


Evolving PG for the development and validation of AD in different ODDs

Autonomous driving poses a new challenge to the design of proving grounds, as autonomous driving functions evaluate with extensive sensor technology not only the road surface and driving dynamics parameters but also the environment to enable operational design domain-specific features. As a consequence, for function testing under public road conditions, the proving ground tracks and environment must reflect the conditions found on public roads in different ODDs. Another important feature is the enablement of various dynamic scenarios on the test track. Dynamic swarm-based scenarios must be executable, reproducible and safe. For this, the connectivity and communication infrastructure of the participants is needed. This presentation gives insight into the track design, infrastructure, communication and equipment requirements and also solutions for a new type of proving ground for the development and validation of autonomous driving.

The audience will learn:

  • Autonomous driving and proving ground testing
  • Scenario and swarm-based testing in different operational design domains
  • Connectivity and infrastructure on the proving ground