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Dirk Gorissen

Dirk is the Product Lead for Wayve, the company developing embodied AI for automated driving. His passion lies in deep technology which has a real-world impact. Dirk has 15 years of experience in deep multidisciplinary technical work in startups and academic research labs. He has a PhD in computational engineering with a focus on AI.


Panel Discussion - Safe AI for Automated Driving: Reality or Fiction?

The current hype around ChatGPT and Large Language Models (LLMs) has increased the focus on the need for regulating Artificial Intelligence (AI) (UK’s Global AI Safety Summit (Nov 2023) & US Govt’s Executive Order on AI). AI algorithms which are non-deterministic form a fundamental part of any Automated Driving System. Using non-deterministic algorithms in safety critical systems like Automated Driving require new approaches to safety argumentation & their regulation. This panel session will bring diverse AI approaches in AD development & diverse regulatory approaches to identify both the need and feasibility of regulation & developing safe AI.

The audience will learn:

  • Establish if (and how) AI development for Automated Driving needs to be regulated / standardised
  • Strategies for tackling bias and completeness for training & testing datasets for AI development for Automated Driving
  • Role and new challenges that LLMs bring with their incorporation to Automated Driving System development
  • Difference in AI governance & regulatory approaches between type-approval and self-certification frameworks