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Precise reference motion and navigation sensing for VIL testing

Many drivers benefit from ADAS functions but the complexity of these systems increases as they aim toward fully automated driving. Consequently, the classical test methods on the proving ground (PG) become more complex, too: they are time-consuming, require significant investment in testing HW and setup and are often difficult to realize. The vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL) testing method provides an effective alternative to the classical testing methods for the validation and development of new ADAS performance. VIL closes the gap between the simulation world and in-vehicle testing: a virtual environment is integrated into a real VUT sensing system. All testing maneuvers can be undertaken in an easy-to-realize PG environment. The correlation between the physical VUT and the virtual testing environment is guaranteed.

A virtual test environment offers the possibility to collect data from multiple scenarios under true PG conditions. The productivity of the test stations and measurement devices is significantly scaled and optimized.

To achieve reliable, accurate and valid VIL measurement data, a high-precision, high-performance navigation and inertial sensor is required. The VIL complete solution from IPG combined with the ADMA Inertial Sensor from GeneSys guarantees the necessary performance to test complex ADAS scenarios in real-time-generated multiple virtual environments.

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